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Wait...What, Did You Really Just Say That?! - Top 10 for 10!

This is our tenth blog post! Whoo-hoo! There have been a number of interesting characters who have stolen the show or at least made me do a double take during this journey abroad! Hence, I thought it only fitting to dedicate a blog post to the "Top 10" craziest/interesting things I've heard (or been asked) abroad so far! Get ready: here they are...

Top 10, starting with number 10...

10. "So you’re just traveling the world like that?" (Women in Rudesheim at Rhine in Flames)

Umm, Yes. Just trying to live my best life! Crazy, right?!!

See Yaaaaa!

9. "I’ve been a policeman for 20 years and I’ve never pulled my gun." (Croatian police officer comparing his experience v. his perception of policing in America)

Something in the buttermilk ain't clean.

8. "We know how to talk like Southern people in the United States." *Proceeds to say "ya'll" fifty 'leven times!!* (Ladies at Diner en Blanc London)

I was raised in South Georgia, but "Y'all" gon' stop trying me now, y'hear?!

7. "I wish I could get my skin like yours." (Croatian woman at Zrce Beach)

As the woman on the Valdosta radio would say, "Be proud of your Blackness!" Hashtag: #MelaninPoppin'

6. "Oh you’re from New York?!" *Insert fake NY accent* “Aye yo, what up B, what up son, where ya Timbs at?!?" (Guy at Fresh Island Music Festival in Croatia)

Weeeeeell, everyone knows how New Yorkers (not to say that I am an official New Yorker) feel about their Timbs...(ha!).

But seriously, who did this guy think he was, or I was? Have you any clue?! Comment below (hehe)!

What really tickled me was his fake New York accent, and I most certainly didn't expect to hear "What up B" in Croatia or anywhere abroad for that matter! Wheeew!

5. "American women are too materialistic & easily impressed." (Guy from UK @ Zrce Beach during Fresh Island Music Festival)

No comment. But maybe, just maybe, he was right in some cases. Meanwhile, I wonder how that "material" on the seats feels (like is it microfiber or high quality, expensive suede?? But I'm obviously not too "materialistic" - ha!).

In real life, this was the face I made! 😂🤣🤣 Oh hey, gingerbread man! #Drama

4. "I don’t understand how they can get away with shooting someone like that." (Guy in Freiburg, Germany who mentioned seeing the video of the police shooting of Philando Castile on German news).

This was more of a serious conversation from which I gained interesting insight with respect to views of the United States abroad. Reminding myself"...the time is always now."- James Baldwin

3. "How could you people (Americans) just vote for Trump like that?" (Woman in London)

No, please no!! I think the world is still trying to wake up from the nightmare...

And drumroll, please...

2. "I am a racist. Actually my friends call me a racist. I don't think I am." (Guy in Rudesheim, Germany)

Can you say when keeping it real goes wrong?! Guess you have to check your social barometer in these international streets from time to time! Crazy thing is that this guy struck up the conversation with me (saying that he couldn't stop staring at my hair). My travel partner and I were so confused. Goodbye, sir!

1. And finally, one more for the road and one I'm sure every Georgian (outside of Georgia) can relate to:

"Oh you're from Georgia, so you're from Atlanta?!"

(Basically everyone who is not from Georgia.)

For the record, Atlanta is in Georgia, not the other way around. Plus, there's only one real Titletown, USA: Valdosta, GA!

Yup, I said it!

Wheeeeew, it's been quite the journey! Comment below with your reaction(s)! What amuses or shocks you the most?

Be sure to follow my Travelog for more pics and updates. Love, love, love and see yaa soon!

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