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Brixton, London
Santorini, Greece
Luxor, Egypt
Abu Simbel, Egypt
Giant's Causeway
Milan, Italy
Aswan, Egypt
Giza, Egypt

I officially began my travel journey abroad from the United States in 2017. At that time, I didn't imagine how far my travels would take me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I am now leaning into the most valuable lesson that my travel journey has taught me: to go within. I've learned to pay attention to and listen to my heart more. Both the questions and answers, challenges and solutions, dwell within. 


This amazingly beautiful (and sometimes bumpy) journey has allowed me to better see myself and others. So, here we are, here I am, continuing this journey within, together with you/yaa.

"The journey within allows us to better see ourselves and each other." 

♡  Yaa Aba 



Places I've explored

Places left to go


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