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Black History Month in London Be Like (A Retrospective)…♥️💛💚

Culture. Clairvoyance. Relevance. Learning. Appreciating. Richness. Universality. Real Black Girl Magic. Unity. Love...Lots of Love.

I've seen black (melanin dominate) people every single place I have traveled. The African diaspora's influence is far and wide, and African culture is so very rich! So to spend Black History Month abroad and learning about the contributions of Africans in another part of the world through a different cultural lense than that of Black America was very special for me. I was all up and through these London streets celebrating Black History Month! And yes, October is Black History Month in the UK.

Note: Learn about Windrush. ✨✨


Because I explored so much, I'll list the events and link them as I share content. I had a very culturally enriching experience and hope something from my list lends to greater appreciation of black history all over the world.

1. Explored Black Cultural Archives in Brixton

2. Afro Supa Hero: A Retrospective by - Jon Daniel - 30 September

3. Angela Davis: Women, Race & Class Event in Brixton - 3 October

4. Black History Market in Brixton - 6 October

5. BSN/Linklaters Celebrating Black History Month w/ David Olusoga - 8 October

6. Slay in Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible by Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinene Discussion and Book Signing Event - 10 October

7. Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee showing - 11 October

8. Track and Records meetup with Black American expats - 12 October

9. Print Works Event w/ Natural Hair Care winners - 26 October

10. Africa on the Square 2018 - 27 October

11. Trailer Happiness meetup with Black American expats - 30 October

12. Museum of London (Black History Month display) - 31 October

13. Porgy and Bess w/ Black Solicitors Network - 31 October

See Yaa, London! ♥️💛💚🖤

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