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A Brief Convo with Yovanis on Palenque from Cartagena, Colombia

Life is so full circle! I was considering visiting Palenque during my second visit to Colombia. While in Cartagena, I met a brother selling bracelets who was from Palenque. I told him I was considering visiting and we decided to do a short impromptu video about Palenque. He suggested we walk to a less noisy spot about a five minute walk from where we were.

I instantly recognized the spot from five years ago when I was in Cartagena. In fact, I took a photo in the exact spot and met a different brother selling bracelets. His name was Wilfren. He had an infectious smile and beautiful energy. He even recorded a See Yaa” video for me. This was in 2018.

Here in 2023, at the same spot with a brother also selling bracelets (and discussing Palenque), I had to show him my photos and videos (including the one of Wilfren) taken in the exact spot years prior.

Come to find out, Wilfren is his good friend!

We also discussed the influence of music, especially from America throughout the world. We discussed some of his personal aspirations and the importance of music projecting the future he desires for his children.

Check out our brief conversation on Palenque+, here.

See Yaa, Cartagena 2.0 . . . and possibly Palenque!


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