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New Holiday Alert: Bonfire Night in London!

Living abroad has exposed me to a host of new holidays, including Guy Fawkes Day. According to these UK streets, Guy Fawkes was an "explosives expert" who, along with a group of other men, plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London to kill King James I and his government. The historic event is referred to as the Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1605. Subsequently, November 5 became known as Guy Fawkes Day, or more commonly Bonfire Night.

Fawkes was later sentenced to death, and now every November 5 in celebration of the failure of Fawkes' foiled plan, many people in the UK light bonfires and set off fireworks. Makes sense, right? Ummm, I guess. Ha! Either way, I'm here for the fireworks. Like, totally here! So when one of my good girlfriends in London invited me out for Bonfire Night, although I had no clue what is was, I was all in. (Recall my adventure to the small town of Rudesheim, Germany for the Rhine in Flames fireworks show in summer 2017.)

Scenic fireworks shows are special, but a choreographed fireworks show with music is a whole other vibe! And now I know for sure that London has some of the best fireworks displays in the world. Period.

And the overall event was quite explosively spectacular. There were food and beverage vendors, super cutesy balloons for sale and all sorts of celebratory attitudes. Not bad for an admission fee of £9.50!

I'll let you be the judge!

And I'm open to being disproven. What city has the best fireworks? Do let me know! 👀 Comment below. 💕💥

See Yaa, London!


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