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Fire in the Sky: There Are Levels to Everything!

There. Are. Levels. I've always fancied folks saying "there are levels to ..." Because it is the truth -- it really is. Traveling and living life is the best way to fully experience this statement. So let's talk about levels to . . . firework shows.

About five years ago, when I moved back to NYC (oh, the glorious days!) to begin my professional career, July 4th came and as luck would have it, I merely needed to travel up the elevator to my rooftop to see the firework show, which was being shot from the Hudson River (the first and only time this happened while I resided in NYC). I invited a couple of friends over and this is what we experienced . . . beeeeyoutiiiful!

'Til this day, I've stored this video as the first photo/picture memory in my phone (which is in a perpetual state of "low memory space"). Just something so magical about lighting up the sky or looking up and seeing glitzy lights in the sky.

Fast forward to a year ago when I went to Rudesheim, Germany for Rhine in Flames. The experience was grand. I was abroad, and there was a whole celebration centered around a firework show that traveled through Germany along the Rhine River. New Level.

So let's get back to these levels.

Lesson one: There are levels.

Lesson two: Get out, go places and experience life anew as much as possible.

Lesson three: Sometimes, all you gotta do is say yes!

Fast forward to this month. When my homegirl in London invited me to a fireworks show for Bonfire Night, I was like yeah, I'm down. I wanted to catch with her and thought a fireworks show would be cool but had no clue what it would be. It was the most AMAZING FIREWORKS SHOW EVER. A choreographed fireworks show . . . WHAT?! Hello London! Enjoy the show(s)!💥💥💥

See Yaa, New Levels! #LevelUp 💥🫶🏾


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