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Nothing Like the First Time: !Hola Ibiza¡

This past month has been filled with so many "firsts" inspired by going with the flow and living in the moment. Word: Go with the flow; live in the moment. Know and live in your flow.

After all the treachery in Paris, my travel partner and I decided to travel back to London for a weekend. What was suppose to be a weekend turned into over a month, but I digress for now. Given that my travel partner’s birthday was approaching, I thought we should do it big, especially considering it was her first birthday abroad.

To me, that meant we needed to take it up a level and celebrate her birthday in a country we hadn’t travelled to, but not just any country. It had to be a special one, if not the "party capital of the world" -- Ibiza, Spain (oh so sinful Ibiza, hey you!).

After a short search, I found cheap roundtrip plane tickets from London to Ibiza (~£51 ($63) roundtrip) and a place to stay in Ibiza for the low. So yeah, Ibiza was a definite go! And if you know me, you know I'm all gung-ho to have a celebration. Further London was a bit frigid, so the sun was definitely calling my name in no uncertain terms.

Off we went to Ibiza (first time in Spain!), without any plans other than to celebrate big. In retrospect, it would have been smart to check the party schedule and book club tickets in advance, but going with the flow is sometimes exciting and rewarding.

Thankfully, everything just worked out! From catching a ride to the club (no random hitchhiking necessary this time, just a simple hitch (ha!) from a guy we met in our hostel lobby who happened to be going to out on the town too), to partying at the infamous Pacha nightclub until after the sun came up, as in 9:30am. I couldn't quite hang until the party's end at 12:30pm but was proud of my efforts. I mean, who leaves the club at 6:30am to go eat and then goes back to the club -- another first. 

❣️ Travel Tip: Despite what these streets might lead you to believe, Ibiza is not a year round party place. The party season is from April to September/October-ish. Not knowing this, we got super lucky to have arrive in mid-October on the exact day of the final closing party with Solomun+1 at Pacha. The music/crowd wasn't really my vibe but I was glad to experience nightlife in Ibiza since I'd heard so much about it. Overall Pacha was a fun experience; however, I probably wouldn't have planned to go there -- had I done any real planning at all.


More firsts:

I stayed in a proper hostel (which was super cute and clean) and went out to a fancy restaurant for paella with octopus ink, which wasn't horrible but like my Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Drop adventure in 2007-08, it's done, I lived through it and don't have to do it again. Cheers to trying new things / trying to be fancy in Ibiza for one night and to the memories!

In addition, at the hostel, we met a fellow traveler, Minou, who was in Ibiza for a yoga retreat. Really? I never imagined Ibiza as a place where people went to be calm and get still. Yet, it makes complete sense given Ibiza's "hippie-chic" vibe. So for all you yogis and aspiring yogis, consider booking Ibiza for your next retreat! Further, theTelegraph lists Ibiza among "The 30 greatest yoga holidays on the planet."

Minou decided to stay in Ibiza a few days after her retreat and because she had a rental car, she invited us to explore all over ibiza with her - what a blessing! The highlights of our road tripping around Ibiza were visiting Elements Beach, Punta Arabí Hippy Market and oh my the wonderful world of Sluiz, which really deserves a whole, separate post of its own - loved it! Another place I loved was La Bodega = BEST TAPAS EVER! I can't even. Let me drop down a couple lines to make sure it's clear:

LA BODEGA IS A MUST FOR DELICIOUS TAPAS IN IBIZA, SPAIN. Plus, the prices were reasonable and the staff was amazing. Okay, there it is. You can thank me later. I was so busy chewing, I had only one picture of the food. Go, and you'll understand!

After exploring Ibiza for a couple days, we (including Minou) took ferry from Ibiza to a neighboring island, Formentera, and rode bikes on the beach and throughout the island. If you're ever in Ibiza, treat yourself to a ferry ride to beautiful Formentera; your eyes won't regret it...and neither will your pockets (ferry RT ride was €19.99; bike rental €8 for the day; experience "priceless")! After all the running around Ibiza (and a surprise visitor which we'll discuss later - wink, wink), Formentera was the "Namaste" I needed, although I did experience another first on the ferry ride to Formentera: motion sickness. OM - never have I ever, but that didn't stop me from taking in the beautiful views and capturing just how lovely the overall trip was. Luckily, the motion sickness was a one-way occurrence. Check out my blog post on Formentera: Go Two for One in Ibiza: Visit Formentera!

Oh and another major first! Once I returned from Formentera, which was absolutely peaceful and perfect in every way, I was up for a very special moment during my travels. My London beau, who I'd been getting to know over the course of a couple weeks in London, was traveling to Spain and decided to stop by Ibiza to surprise me...with his fine self. Ha, oh yes! He and I spoke daily while I was in Ibiza, and because he was fluent in Spanish, he helped me purchase gift items and decorations for my travel partner's birthday (by helping with translation over the phone). I mean who needs Google translate when you have a whole London beau helping you translate? So sweet and great to see him for a few hours since he'd still be in Spain when I returned to London. Oh, so this is how we're moving abroad on the dating vibe?! I opt in. Lol.

P.S. One final first:

Once back in London, my London beau invited me on a "first date” to Paris, and just like that Paris is destined to become the "City of Love" again (more on this developing story and dating abroad soon). But yet another first: traveling to another country for a first date!

These international streets are definitely getting more interesting by the day. No matter where you are, remember to love, love, love and see yaa soon . . . in your flow. ♡

“Ibiza, you’re a wild gal! But no worries, I’m wild too. I’m feeling free. I’m feeling closer to me.”

Namaste Ibiza. See Yaa Soon, Paris!

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