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Go Two for One in Ibiza: Visit Formentera!

Travel Tip: If you’re planning a trip to Ibiza, make it a two for one, and take the morning ferry to Formentera, explore the quiet island, and return on the evening ferry to Ibiza. Formentera is simply beautiful and is a must-see. Some form of locomotion besides walking will help you cover more of the island during a short day trip. Rental shops (for bikes, scooters, motorbikes, etc.) are just a short walk from the port, so you can rent a bike on your way in and drop it back off near the port on your way out. Easy peasy! If you visit during the peak season (July-August), consider booking your roundtrip ferry ride and rental in advance online.  

There are some moments in life when you know that you are experiencing a near to close paradise. For me, that was Formentera, Spain. As you know from my previous post, I’d been in London for a couple of weeks and decided to travel to Ibiza. My Airbnb host in London highly recommended that my travel partner and I go to Formentera once he learned of our upcoming trip to Ibiza.

And as nature would have it, we came into contact with a fellow traveler, Minnie, at our hostel in Ibiza. Minnie was smart enough to have a rental car and was quite the adventurer. She also planned to go to Formentera and offered to let us ride with her to the ferry dock which made the journey even easier. Minnie also came up with the excellent idea that we explore Formentera by bike or scooter so that we could cover more ground given that our time there was limited. So with my cute lilac rental bike, the island became mine. Check out the video; it’s yours too now, sys!

I rode for miles but my eyes, mind and heart did most of the work. Formentera was not to be missed. It just felt so calm and untouched, and I felt completely at peace . . . .

Bike rental: €8

Ferry from Ibiza (round trip): €19.95

Experience: priceless 😉

*The prices were for day-of bookings. Book in advance for better rates.

As you can see, Formentera is stunningly beautiful. It was my paradise.

Others seems to agree: according to Travel and Leisure, Formentera is for lovers, yachters, hippies, sunset cocktails, sunburned nudists (oh), and more!

More About Formentera:

Where’s your paradise? Have questions about my trip to Formentera? Contact me here or Comment below!

Enjoy your journey!

“The peace within oneself creates the peace outside of self. When the outside matches the inside, there’s balance. And from there, you can see your beautiful paradise — the one you’ve created from within. I chose peace and there it was. Thank you, Formentera.” 


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