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Three Free Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip Abroad

Google Maps (offline)

Before you take off, be sure to download the local map for your travel destination(s). That way, even if your internet goes out, you still have access to directions. Super clutch! Depending on where you’re exploring, Google Maps (offline) may be the most important app download.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to use Google Maps offline here.

Google Voice (formerly Hangouts)

Google Voice offers very affordable international calling rates and is an excellent tool to make local calls when traveling abroad (or for any time you need to make international calls). With the app, you are given a local number based on the area code you choose. You can also keep in touch with loved ones via the text and/or call feature. Only downside is no videos, but it’s basically a phone number, which can be used both locally and abroad over Wifi or cellular data.

Check out more on setting up Google Voice here and here.


WhatsApp is definitely the move if you're traveling abroad and want to easily keep in touch with loved ones back home or with new acquaintances abroad. WhatsApp is great for both audio and video calls, texts, and sending media files (including long videos and PDFs that may be too large to send via text or email). The only catch is that the person you desire to communicate with also needs to have WhatsApp on their device. Another great feature is being able to set up groups for mass communication, including via video calls. Further, WhatsApp is very commonly used abroad, including by businesses. So it’s really an essential tool to communicate and keep in touch while you’re traveling!



I’ve found several wonderful events through Eventbrite. Of course, you can access Eventbrite via a traditional web browser. I just find the app convenient for easier checkout and searches, especially if you really plan to get in these streets! Eventbrite is definitely the move to find events, both local and abroad.


Another great app to find social gatherings is, which can be especially useful if you're moving to or plan to spend significant time in a new city (abroad or otherwise). has various common interest groups that you can sign up for -- from language learning groups to board game

meetup groups. It's free and available in countries all over the world. Moreover, users have the option to start their own meetup groups. (I discovered the London Scrabble Club on!)


Any apps you recommend? Drop a comment below!

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