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Flight Check-in Issues?! You May Be Missing Something Important. 😱

I previously posted "Three Hacks to Make Your Travels More Seamless." Hack 1 is to check-in to your flight early. I'm doubling down on this #traveltip given a recent travel experience.

When I travelled to Colombia earlier this month, I repeatedly got an error message when I tried to check-in online. I called the airline and the agent said I would have to check-in at the airport because he was also getting an unexplainable error message. When I arrived at the airport, the desk agent informed me that I (1) needed a return ticket in order to travel to Colombia, and (2) had to complete Colombia’s Online Check-Mig Form. Oh!

Therefore, I had to quickly book a return ticket while standing at the check-in counter and complete the online form required by the Colombian government. I don't recall having to do either of these steps when I traveled to Colombia in 2018, and I'm almost certain the online verification is a post-2020 requirement.

Thankfully, the desk agent was extremely helpful, and I was able to check-in precisely in the last minute!

Soooo here's some additional insight:

If you attempt to check-in early and get an error message, (1) be sure to check the travel requirements for your travel destination and (2) make sure you've completed all necessary steps before arriving at your departure airport. Really, these steps should be taken period. #RemindertoSelf

I had a similar experience when traveling to Brazil shortly after leaving Colombia. I checked the travel requirements which didn't seem to suggest a return ticket was necessary, but I had to provide return ticket details in order to check-in online.

The State Department's website is a good place to start to make sure you understand the travel requirements for your travel destination.

See Yaa Soon, around the globe! #Ready

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