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A (Traveling) Doggy Dog World . . . ?!

Is it me, or am I legit starting to notice a doggy takeover at these airports?! Once upon a time, I didn’t really notice any pets onboard or at the airport for that matter. Now, I notice pets onboard, cats and dogs included, and I most definitely have noticed an influx of dogs at airports. Some airports even have pet relief stations. Oh my!

Listen, I know people love their furry friends and I have nothing against pets. But to me, pets are personal (unless permission is given to the contrary) and I don’t expect dogs to be coming up to me sniffing my feet at an airport or sitting next to me on a plane. Period.

During one flight, a pet under the seat next to me was screeching the whole time -- poor fella. I also think about people who have allergies to pet hair. Is this no longer a thing?!

Nonetheless, some pets are too cute not to acknowledge. In fact, I met a cute little gangsta pup at the airport in Madrid, Spain. Meet “Olivia,” who really seemed to like people but not other pups. Yes, I witnessed a doggy altercation at the airport. Somebody call the “Paw Patrol!" lol

I had a conversation with Olivia's owner, Diana, who said she normally doesn’t travel with Olivia because she generally doesn’t think it’s feasible.

Luckily, neither dog was physically harmed during the altercation and once Olivia calmed down, she struck a few pup poses for this feature!

While I can understand the need for service animals, I personally do not want to get used to pets all over airports or on planes. No, thank you.

Are you comfortable with pets onboard? Vote in the poll and/or comment below!

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