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What's up with 2018?! The babies will save us! Meet my 1st featured baby blogger: London Marion Cobb

This year has already been cray, cray. Jeez.

So I'm resetting. Like for real, for real. With all new energy/vibes. I'm focusing on positives and reconnecting with pure Source energy.

I’ve always considered myself a “baby whisperer.” I love babies and we seem to just get along. I think a part of it is energy. When I see a child, especially a baby, I feel a sense of honor to be there with that child in that moment – a time when there’s extreme potential and the child is naturally full of so much ambition. Think about all a child dares and learns to do in its first three to five years? All the times the child falls and gets back up until the child is able to walk upright without falling.

So far, 2018 is teaching me that the same gumption we each had as infants is required throughout life but many of us aren’t prepared for the feeling of falling and/or feeling stuck (without seeing a way to get up). But of course, if we remember the instincts we naturally exhibit as youth, we would expect and know that falling better prepares us to fully walk upright. We learn techniques to balance, what we need to hold onto sometimes in order to avoid a fall, and most importantly, that we must, can and will get back up (walk, run, fly!).

This essential learning process allows us to realize greater potential within – who we are, what we're made of: to see yaaself. This blog is truly about a journey into self, discovered so beautifully by reflecting on travel experiences and relational exchanges. It's really about a constant #Rebirth.

So what a pleasure it was to have a "conversation" (wink) with someone so close to the Source. ✨ Meet our first featured baby blogger: London Marion Cobb.

London is the intelligent, cutie pie son of my childhood friend, Dominique, and her husband, Steven. I met London on a trip to visit Dominique and help her and Steven with their move. Although only four months, London had plenty to say and share!

Enjoy London's insights below. Thanks to Dominique for providing translation services. ✨

Introducing London and his Mom, Dominique. I asked London the following five questions:

  • How did you get the name London?

  • If you could pick any city in the world to visit, which would you choose?

  • What do you enjoy doing?

  • What is your favorite food?

  • What is the one message you would like to tell the world today?

London most certainly is trying to tell us something, especially on Question 5. Are we listening and paying attention? Our babies are so beautiful and deserve our attention.

Watch the full interview here.


Thank you London and Mommy Dominique for sharing beautiful insights and energy! This was truly a fun, refreshing and joyful interview.

Love, love, love!

See Yaa, London!


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