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You Asked. I’m Answering.

Some of the most common questions I get asked are why I am traveling and how I am able to manage my travels. In fact, I was recently asked by an online publication,“Why a Successful Black Woman Would Give up Her Career to Travel the Globe?”

Here's what I said...

One word: power. I enjoyed my life and career as a corporate attorney and loved living in New York City. However, I felt it was time for a change (you know how you just get that feeling?). I had been saving and preparing to travel abroad for years, but I didn’t have a real sense of when it would happen. Overall, being 31 at the time with nothing necessitating that I stay in any one place, I felt the moment was right.

Considering all of this, I asked myself one question: Did I feel fully powerful in what I was doing at the moment? In “feeling powerful,” I mean being fully heard, seen and appreciated for who I am where I am. I sternly believe that we should follow the power (energy) flow in our lives. (Go where you feel powerful to grow and be yourself…and free!) Once I determined the answer was not an absolute yes, I decided that I would leave New York City and travel the globe. Deciding to build a brand around my travels made the decision even more exciting!

I hope my journey encourages you to take that leap, book that ticket, try something new and -- most of all -- experience your life to the fullest. (It's never too late!)

I intend to share more of the “how” with you! I’ll give you inside peeks of my international digs and how I manage to travel so much (including costs details, in other words, how I budget) and make it all work! Sound interesting? Make sure you're subscribed to the blog and to my YouTube channel here. If you really want in on all the action, follow on social media too!

Love, love, love and see yaa around the globe! In the meantime, feel free to comment below or message me any questions about my journey that might help you along yours!

See yaa, here!

- Yaa Aba


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