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To Be, or Not To Be: Viva Las Vegas?!

To be, or not to be -- in the United States for New Year 2018. Although I had traveled home to the US of A for Thanksgiving and had even gone on a quick girls' trip to the Bahamas, being in the United States for New Year seemed so dull. After all, I'd just spent six months living and traveling abroad like a madwoman. I was on a high that I wanted to continue. So the idea of spending New Year abroad, which I'd never done, was thrilling!

However, when a fabulous friend invites you to Las Vegas and says all you need to do is get a flight, your ears might perk up and begin to hear, "Viva Las Vegas!" New Year's Eve in the USA all of a sudden didn't sound so bad. However, flights from NYC to Vegas were a bit pricey because of course I waited until the last minute to look. Well, the whole truth is that I'd being doing me and was all over the place literally. After Thanksgiving in Florida and then the girls' trip to the Bahamas in early December, I'd gone back to London to see my special beau (remember him?!) to see if it was really real - ha! - and didn't return to the states until December 21 -- as in 4 days before Christmas and 10 days before New Year's Eve (yikes).

Obviously, if I was going to pay an arm and leg for a flight, I could just go somewhere abroad. At least, that was my thought. So in the full on spirit of Vegas, I took a risk and waited in the hope that a cheap flight would magically appear. In the meantime, I'd already purchased my NYE dress and found some cute nightlife pieces at my absolute favorite NYC shopping gem: the one and only Jamaica Avenue in Queens. The "Avenue" is a whole mood, I promise!

 Tip: If you're in or near NYC and need some fierce fits for the low or for any occasion, hit up Jamaica Avenue in Queens! It's the certified plug. Trust and believe. And while you're there, slide through Margherita Pizza for the best cheese slice ($2.75) and/or Jamaica Flavors for the best Jamaican chicken patty ($2.75) in NYC! 

But back to booking this trip to Vegas and what I view to be an even greater gem as I reflect on the process. I'd visited Vegas a few times before but it didn't connect in my mind that Vegas was one of the top New Year's Eve destinations in the entire world. Either way, I couldn't bring myself to book a flight to Las Vegas for $700+, so I checked flights daily and decided to play the full on waiting game. Meanwhile, I gathered all my outfits and packed my luggage (taking affirmative steps). With only a few days left until the new year I still hadn't found a flight, but I trusted, prepared, and waited. If it is meant, it will be.

Long story short, with a few days left before the NYE, I found a great deal to Las Vegas via American Airlines for the low (under $200 one-way). Once I confirmed with my friend that I was still invited to Vegas (haha - yeah, I'm usually that "spontaneous, i.e., get there when I get there friend"), it was a go. And then Myss Monique -- the real life definition of "booked and busy"-- came through with a super last minute hair appointment (#mvp status!). Vegas, let's get it!

So there I was in New York City on December 30 getting my hair done, ready to hit the Las Vegas strip and celebrate NYE 2018 the next day! All of a sudden, seeing the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign at McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas) became real. It all was working out and all coming to be.

 "Sometimes we don't know how doors will open but should trust that they will.  Trust in action is taking affirmative steps in the direction of your desire. Trust the process. Lesson going into 2018: Trust the process. I will trust the process."
 I choose to be.  
♡ Yaa Aba 

See Yaa Soon, Las Vegas!


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