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Relax, Regroup and Germany

Sooooo, after such an EXcITing start in (Milan) Italy, Germany was the next stop. Luckily, my travel partner and I were able to get a refund for the rental apartment in Milan but not before the actual owner of the apartment offered us two spare rooms in his other home in Switzerland for free (who knows what would have become of us had we landed in someone's basement or whatnot in Switzerland). Ummm, no thank you sir.

Of course, this also could have been a friendly overture, but we decided against it and one of my good friends, Vee, insisted against it and invited us to visit her in her beautiful hometown, Freiburg, which is located in southwest Germany.

A key reason I decided on #Milan as a travel hub was that I could travel to many neighboring cities and places with ease. After a couple of days in Milan, my travel partner and I hopped on a bus to Freiburg and Freiburg did not disappoint. Despite smoldering hot days and nights (like South Georgia heat hot, like let me run to the church altar and get saved again, hot), Freiburg was very relaxing and gave us time to relate and regroup -- and also to spend time with Vee and her family + her fiance', Ian. Speaking of Ian, did I mention that he loves to cook!?

From "Meatless May to Junkie June" but it was all worth it, especially considering that pickings for good German food are extremely thin. Ian made delicious pizza, pastas and all the comfort foods we could imagine! I did tons of walking around Freiburg, so hopefully that compensated for at least a fraction of the calories I packed on from Ian's delicious cooking. And just as I began to feel like a complete glutton, I met a Nigerian fella in Freiburg named "Sunday" who took us to his fitness center (divine intervention, is that you?!!).

After several days in Freiburg it was time to move on. And since I'm in Germany, I've decided to cover other interesting German cities. Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin: see yaa soon. Next stop: Rhine in Flames in Rudesheim, Germany...see yaa there!

“Energy doesn’t lie, Aba. Pay attention to your journey.” ♡
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