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German Getaways: Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin in 6 days!

Three German Getaways in 6 days: Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

Let me just state for the record that I am often guilty of doing theeeee most, especially when I am traveling! However, I loooove planning trips and after determining that I would go to Croatia for the Fresh Island Festival, the question became what places to visit before landing in Croatia. Given that my travel partner and I were already in Germany, I thought it made sense to visit some major hotspots in Germany and also catch some fireworks along the way -- hence our visit to Rudesheim! So yeah it happened, I planned to make a loop around Germany and visit 3 cities -- Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin -- in 6 days! It was aggressive (my poor little travel body! - lol), but here we go...


The highlight of visiting Cologne most definitely was a free walking tour. The tour guides informed the group that we would be part of a new "experimental" tour in that each person was given a pair of headphones to listen to the tour guide throughout the tour and during the breaks we'd hear music selected by the co-tour guide, whose primary job was to DJ the tour. He was from Brooklyn of all places, so you already know it went down!

Cologne has many sights to see on foot, including gorgeously dated cathedrals, museums, the Rhine River and everything in between that makes a cosmopolitan city interesting, and the live music definitely made the walking tour more fun and interesting. Can you say LIT (like uncut Mystikal "Shake [It Fast]" lit, a bit much, but LIT). I definitely recommend this tour if you're ever in Cologne. It's free, although tipping the tour guide(s) is encouraged. The tour company's site is Check them out!


Two words: Miniatur Wunderland. Now, this may not sound like the place to be but, if you're ever in Hamburg, I strongly suggest that you go! I am completely obsessed with aerial (and dioramic) views, so this place is exhilarating, to say the least! I cannot say enough about how fascinating this place is with its many replicas (all the tiny details!) of historical German time periods and cities, in addition to cities in Italy, France, Switzerland and the United States. The idea that it has the world's largest model railway says enough, but wait there's more: stop by the area of the Switzerland model where you see the chocolate factory, press the button, and you get a delicious piece of golden wrapped milk chocolate made just for you (let's just say I grabbed a few extra pieces for the road).

I also went on a (free) walking tour of Hamburg, which was nice to do. However, the museum was MOST definitely the highlight of my visit to Hamburg. I really could have spent the entire day at the museum to appreciate all of the intricate detail put into the replicas and the automated and interactive features that really set the museum apart from any other experience (that was of course until running into the G20 riots later that day...really?! - my trip planning timing is


I planned to attend another walking tour but quickly realized there were a few things on my to-do list that needed to be handled before leaving Berlin (including getting all the jazz needed for the next stop: Zrce Beach in Croatia!). From what I saw, Berlin is a city with lots of culture. In addition, the architecture was interesting and the food was tasty (of course it wasn't traditional German food - no thank you)! SN: here's a plug for all the "Zaraholics" out there: the Zara at the Alexa shopping centre (near Alexanderplatz) will restore your whole life and wardrobe! It's amazing.

My Ratings

Live. Love. Like. (based on my first impressions)

Ratings: Live in Hamburg. Loved Cologne. Liked Berlin.

Next stop: Croatia Fresh Island Festival 2017! Remember to pack your bathing suits, towels and flip flops (i.e., all things beachy) and *join me *LIVE** at the festival via my Instagram live feed starting Tuesday, July 11. Love, love, love and See Yaa Soon!

“Pay attention, (Yaa) Aba. The signs are here. 
God continues to reveal. Pay attention. Be here now.” ♡♥♡


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