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Bruno Mars - 24K Magic Tour - Milan, Italy

OM!! I really didn't know, but thank God my friend did. So y'all know I love me some Dani, who I met as a neighbor in NYC. She is a big Bruno Mars fan and kept trying to put me on. Well, actually there was one Bruno Mars song another friend in NYC and I loved and jammed to often, but I really had no clue how great of a performer he is! When Dani and I discovered we both had plans to be in Milan, Italy the night of the Bruno Mars 24K Magic tour, we decided it was a must!

And I'm so glad we did. Going to the Bruno Mars concert my first night moving abroad was the perfect ending to an action-packed day!

I left with the impression that:

1) Team work most certainly makes the dream work. Bruno Mars and his band had a certain noticeable syngery that really worked so well. And that to me was the real Magic!

2) Bruno Mars is one of the best entertainers. Period. See concert snippets below. ✨🪩✨

3) There are no bad days. Everyday is good (if you decide). Although getting kicked out of our Airbnb the first night abroad seemed treacherous, it didn't mess up any aspect of the day. In fact, the day only got better!

Shout out to Bruno Mars and team for creating such a "magical" concert experience, and to Dani for always being in "the know." 💃🏽 The first night abroad was perfect -- a 24K Magic Glittery Golden Night!

See Yaa, good times! ✨🥰✨🫶🏾


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