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Facing Fear and Apprehension in Joy: Road-tripping to and Jet Skiing in Long Beach, CA!

What I seek (on every level) is seeking me…

Life in LA lately has been beautifully “interesting” — so many lessons, yet so much love and synchronicity throughout.

Remember my blog about Meetup being the move?! Good, let’s fast forward to beach day!

My homegirl, who I met through an LA Meetup group, and I decided to have a beach day and planned to go to Laguna Beach. Somehow, on the way, we decided instead to go to Long Beach, which was only 30 minutes away versus 1.5 hours (shoutout to LA traffic!).

I’d been to Laguna Beach but hadn’t really explored Long Beach and with it being a shorter distance away, the change was definitely a win. And theeennn, despite her not knowing how to swim, she suggested that we go jet skiing!

Excuse me?! What - yes!! I’d been wanting to go jet skiing for a while and had never mentioned it to anyone. This trip “planning” on-the-go was getting more perfect by the moment.

Check out some of our laughs and commentary on the way!

She also mentioned she’d be “facing her fears” by going jet skiing. C’mon facing fears!! That also meant I’d be driving the jet ski. OK, let’s do it!

I did feel some apprehension once I got in the water. For some reason, I thought we’d be sitting higher than we were; but the jet ski was sitting super low in the water and felt like it could tip over at any moment. (Must have been all these hips - lol.) I had to let go of fear/apprehension, have faith / trust and just go with it.

And I’m so glad I did. I had a BLAST!! For real, for real, especially when I just let go and went full speed. Beyond fun, thrilling . . . and affirming.

While we were out, a dolphin did a water loop jump right in front of our jet ski. This was noted as a good omen (although I "bust a quick U" as I wasn't trying to have any part of encroaching on the dolphin’s territory!).

Months ago, my acupuncturist mentioned that she saw dolphins around me (energetically) and I should go dolphin sightseeing. I missed going to the site she mentioned, but everything occurs in its time — at the right time.

What a divinely aligned day!

I highly recommend jet skiing in Long Beach if you’re looking for a thrilling water sport that can be done individually or in tandem, while also enjoying some absolutely gorgeous views.

Jet ski rental - $156.55 (total) with Long Beach Watersports - Jet Ski Rentals

Parking - $14 at Hotel Maya (1/2 off with validation) - but we found nearby free street parking!

Experience - priceless :)

Perfect day in Long Beach! And I think there’s more to explore…

See Yaa, Long Beach!


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